Give your students an early start for college.

As a dynamic, 21st century system of schools, WIN breathes life into Alabama’s PLAN 2020. WIN will energize teaching, learning and student results in five schools, changing the lives of nearly 3,000 young people, their families and their community. In so doing, WIN will become a model demonstration site for innovation in Birmingham and throughout the State of Alabama. Its students will compete with the best in the world.

What does it mean to win?

To be a part of a dynamic, 21st century system of schools setting the pace for innovation in the state of Alabama.

How are teachers winning?

Teachers have the opportunity to create and design engaging schools that meet student needs. With intense and personal professional development, teachers can move beyond traditional practice to find new ways to facilitate student learning.

How are leaders winning?

School leaders will have the autonomy to create a school culture focused on student success. Teacher leaders and community partners will work together to provide unique learning opportunities and experiences for students.

If you believe that potential is universal and opportunity should be, join the WINning team.

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